Service Hotel Group

On year 2014 established Service Hotel Group Oy is Finnish mini hotels self-service and automatic solutions specialist business. Our Völi-service improves our customer's business profitability and service level.

We create savings in heating, lighting, guarding and improve staff's coping for our customers.

Our solution offers flexibility in signing in and out and improves living comfort for tourists.

How it works

- The guest makes a booking at any of the sites;
- A code is automatically generated and sent to the guest along with a link;
- The guest does not need to download any applications. He simply follows the link and immediately goes to the web interface page with the name of your object.

- Knowing the password, the guest independently receives cards for opening the door at the self-service kiosk, or through the web interface opens the door from a mobile phone, tablet or other device connected to the Internet;
- The guest gets access only to those doors that are necessary for his stay, and only for the duration of his stay.

Völi is base of hotel business

Remote control from any device that is connected to the internet.

Distant restriction or granting access if necessary.

Automation of check-in and check-out.

Integration with smart home devices and their control via the VÖLI web interface.

img: hotel