Service Hotel Group

On year 2014 established Service Hotel Group Oy is Finnish mini hotels self-service and automatic solutions specialist business. Our Völi-service improves our customer's business profitability and service level.

We create savings in heating, lighting, guarding and improve staff's coping for our customers.

Our solution offers flexibility in signing in and out and improves living comfort for tourists.

Service Hotel Group

Völi is self-service and automatic solutions service intent for mini-hotel staff. Service allows signing in and out at any time, takes care of keycard delivery and hotel rooms locking, also allows adjusting lights and temperature for hotel guests.

Fireman Center is minihotel in Parikkala, which has five special Fireman themed hotel rooms. Hotel is intent for families with kids, it is entertaining, unusual and budget minihotel, where you can go to easily.

Völi is base of hotel business

Standarting can't be normal anymore. Völi supports hotel's offers customising and customising for individual hotel guests.

For you to create value, focus on marketing niches. Völi helps specialising and producing additional value for customers who look for experience.

Take advantage of technology being an accelerator for business. Völi increases hotel guest's detectable service level and service's guest-originality.

Social responsibility is moral and economic obligation. Völi increases room's energy efficiency and allows hotel guests to adjust lighting, heating and environmental load.

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